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Rub Out The Idiocy

Two things that make my skin crawl are kangaroos and the sheer, embarrassing, idiocy sweeping our great nation. While I never thought I’d be faced with these two particular skin crawlers in the same moment, life has surprised me again. One kangaroo and one college joined forces to present such an occasion during Freshman Orientation. […]

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Gary Sinise Gets His Star

Hollywood doesn’t always get it right, but now it has; Gary Sinise’s star has been added to the Walk of Fame. If ever a person was not just a celebrity but a star, it would be Gary Sinise. His on-screen performances are noteworthy, indeed, but it is what this star does with his free time that […]

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Never Apologize for Patriotism

Stop apologizing for being patriotic. Just stop it. You have nothing to apologize for. When did this happen, this national shaming? Who says we must lay down our own patriotism in order to to truly embrace our refugees or immigrants? Recently, students at an Iowa high school wore red white and blue attire to a […]

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Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day

I have seen a great many posts about Memorial Day by people from all walks of life. Some post about their vacation plans or their BBQ plans or their beach plans. Others post their tributes to loved ones lost in wars. While it stings to hear the former- people who seemingly consider nothing more to […]

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Another Vietnam Veteran Leaving His Mark On Our Lives

Anyone who knows me, knows of the soft spot in my heart for our Vietnam Veterans. Since Lou left for Iraq, and in the 11 years since he’s been gone, Vietnam Veterans have played a pivotal part in our lives and the lives of so many other families like ours. Some have come in and […]

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Pentagon To the Rescue

To say I’m glad to see other stories of soldiers whose service and sacrifice has been so blatantly dismissed by the military is a comfort would be inaccurate. And yet, this article in the Army Times confirms my long-standing outcry of betrayal at the hands of the military. It is the same military dunderheads that […]

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“Mom I got my girlfriend pregnant….

“Mom I Got my Girlfriend Pregnant..   …and I have herpes,” said my thirteen year old son. This, following a thirty minute car ride abound with opportunity for this announcement.  But I suppose that would have made sense, so why do that? Yep, crossing the threshold of the pediatrician’s office, mere feet away from the […]

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Why I Write

    I’m often asked why I write. My short answer? Because I can’t sing.  But deeper than that is the real reason- I write because it is my purpose. A passion. It’s not my only purpose or passion, but it is an integral part of who I am. Now, I am excited to begin […]

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