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How Tony Orlando Helped a Stubborn Widow

Tony Orland Sky Ball Veterans

Eleven years after my husband died, Tony Orlando helped me realize what had taken me so long to find peace. It took me much longer than I’d hoped it would to find solid footing in life after my husband was murdered by a fellow soldier. I told myself I was doing better than many people […]

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Beyond the Battlefield; Vietnam Veterans’ Valor

David Whiting- You scooped me. But I’m glad you did. Thank you for your piece on these men and the opportunity to hear their stories in your words. I’m still going to tell their stories in my words, too, but not until they visit me this summer and I have them captive to interview. John […]

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Inspiration- Dedicated to Lou

He could irritate me. Sometimes we argued. He used to get annoyed when I changed the radio station in the car and I used to resent all the time he spent away from home. But he was my first love. The first person who made me feel beautiful. Who told me he believed in me. […]

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Hope Walks

She was born deformed, missing legs. Her mother tried to smother her shortly after birth. But she was rescued and adopted into a loving home. With love she flourished. With sheer tenacity she learned to walk. And today she inspires the men and women in uniform. Hope is her name. And that is precisely what she spreads. Oh- […]

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Why is Dad so Mad?

      “Why is Dad so Mad?”       PTSD is no joke. And it strikes without a conscience. We are all susceptible to its talons. I was diagnosed with it shortly after my husband died. I couldn’t close my eyes without seeing him in a coffin. I felt like I was having […]

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Chasing your Dream

People laughed when she told them her idea. But she did it anyway. Lynda Roemer was a thirty-something career woman. This bright, polished manager of a Manhattan-based real estate management company was on the rise in the corporate world. But beneath the executive exterior she was still the little girl who grew up loving horses. […]

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