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Life With Boys

“Shutup Trevor! I just farted in your room!”  Such verbal nuggets are served daily in homes with boys. In my home, with four boys ranging from 11-16, one never knows what will next be uttered. Sometimes I’m the one serving them up. Like when I grew weary of pre -teen boys wearing nothing but underwear […]

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Well, That Sucked….

Not all of it. Just the parts where I got my ass kicked over, and over, again in this game of life. Did I want to give up? You bet. Did I consider it from time to time? Absolutely.  Am I glad I didn’t? Hell yeah. Anyone who’s read my books or followed my writing […]

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How Dog Leashes Helped at Bedtime

“Mommy! Puh-le-ee-eeze Mommy! We don’t want to go to be-eh-hed! Please Mommy!” The quartet’s tormented tune wailed over and over again from behind the catty-cornered bedroom doors. Tiny digits of guilt clawed and wiggled through the gaps underneath, reaching for me. Begging for a stay. But the day was over- the clock said so. I’d […]

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Why I’m Jealous of Single Parents

Why I'm Jealous of Single Parents

Why I’m Jealous of Single Parents Ah, spring. The birds are back. Grass is battling to get its green on. Women are frantically trying to get in beach shape and men are busting out the grill. It’s an awesome time of year. It’s just a little tainted with dread for solo parents as the two […]

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Why I Gave my Boss a Sex Toy Catalog

sext toy catalog

If you have a job, you’ve probably commiserated with people about it. Maybe you like your boss but hate the job, or love the job and hate your boss. Maybe you’re the boss. Regardless, very few people – and I think I’ll qualify this by focusing primarily on people with white collar jobs- get to […]

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Why I Write

    I’m often asked why I write. My short answer? Because I can’t sing.  But deeper than that is the real reason- I write because it is my purpose. A passion. It’s not my only purpose or passion, but it is an integral part of who I am. Now, I am excited to begin […]

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Dating After Death

Dating After The Death of A Partner One of the many overwhelming aspects of being widowed is the thought of dating again. For me, this required two separate support teams: Team One knows me from way back when I was “normal.”  They know my strengths and weaknesses, and are present in my everyday life. Team Two- […]

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