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Five Tips the Most Discouraged Singles Can Use to Find Mr. Right

Five Tips Even the Most Discouraged Singles Can Use to Find Mr. Right

Men are everywhere. Tall men. Short men. Fit men. Fat men. Smart men and not-so smart men. Smooth, awkward, shy, outgoing and so many other different kinds of men. Meeting men is something women do every day, whether it’s some guy at the gas station, a new co-worker, our child’s teacher, and so on. So […]

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How Tony Orlando Helped a Stubborn Widow

Tony Orland Sky Ball Veterans

Eleven years after my husband died, Tony Orlando helped me realize what had taken me so long to find peace. It took me much longer than I’d hoped it would to find solid footing in life after my husband was murdered by a fellow soldier. I told myself I was doing better than many people […]

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June 8 Anniversary – Again

  Anniversaries are supposed to be happy occasions. Once upon a time, they used to be. But now I have come to cringe when I hear that word. It just reminds me of how much I loved celebrating being married and how much it hurts that I will never get to celebrate with my husband […]

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It’s Okay to Cry….

…. Sometimes, it’s okay to cry. Sometimes it’s even necessary, to be able to function.  Here is one such instance: It’s just a band concert. Just a trip to the school to sit in the audience while the kids perform. No big deal, right? Not in my world. The last time a school concert was […]

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My Widow New Year’s

my widow new years

No bedazzled ball will drop. No throngs will gather to count it down, and tomorrow is just another work day. None of that will alter the fact that today is my New Year’s. Or at least, that is how I have come to view it. It took me a couple years just to determine which […]

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How to Woo a Widow

We all secretly like to be teased a little. Seduced, even. Allow me to indulge that side of you with the first chapter of my book, How to Woo a Widow. Then get your own copy from Amazon or a signed copy here. Enjoy:) Author’s Note : It takes a village to raise a widow. Did someone […]

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Five Things to Never Say to the Newly Bereaved

      Five Things to Never Say to the Newly Bereaved   We’ve all done it- said something so stupid we regret even as it’s pouring past our treacherous lips. Maybe we congratulate someone on being pregnant  –  when they’re not. Asked about a co-worker’s job hunt we’re not supposed to know about. Spilled […]

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Memorial Day

“Tell my wife and children I love them.” Those are the last words my husband spoke to the medic caring for him before he lost consciousness. I know this because that medic took the time and summoned the strength to write and tell me so. I recently found the letter I’d read quickly a couple […]

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Steering into the Skid

Steering into the Skid   My thirties moved to my rearview the same year my oldest son acquired teenager status. Milestones, for sure. On a professional note my fortieth birthday was a success; that weekend I’d been honored with an award from the Military Writers Society and the peer validation was priceless. My personal life… […]

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Confession of an Al Anon Dropout

Confession of an Al-Anon Dropout.   I am not grateful for the alcoholic in my life. There. I said it. I tried to be. Oh, how I tried to find the upside of life with a man seemingly intent on destroying himself. How I tried to encourage him in his random attempts at sobriety and, […]

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