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Barb Allen Is A Gold Star Wife And American Military Widow...

American Military Widow Barb Allen
She's a professional veterans advocate who understands the personal and factual struggles of turning adversity into advantage.  But this lesson did not come easily and this upper hand must be diligently maintained.  Now, Barbara brings her life lessons to her audiences in keynote speeches and custom programs. She relates to her audiences’ lives and challenges, and teaches them how to become gladiators in their own life’s arena.  Read More...


In this video american military widow Barb Allen, is interviewed by Harris Faulkner in regard to her efforts to secure the purple heart for her late husband, Lt. Louis Allen.  As of 2015 the military has continued to refuse her husband this honor.  Barbara's relentless pursuit of justice and recognition of his sacrifice in the form of a purple heart will serve all members of the armed forces and their families.

American Military Widow's fight for Purple Heart

Ten years after 1st Lt. Louis Allen’s death, his widow is still fighting for him to receive a Purple Heart.  “When my husband was leaving [for Iraq], he was saying how awesome it would be to tell his kids he had a part in this history,” Barbara Allen said. “That was taken from him. He wasn’t even allowed to contribute to that. He can’t tell his story, nobody’s telling his story. He just vanished. His whole legacy is gone.”  Read The Full Article Here

A promise of hope and new memories for the children of fallen heroes

The second issue of concern for me is the plight of one Barbara Allen and her four sons, who live in Otisville, New York. I knew of Ms. Allen’s travails, but never looked into her eyes and put that face with the story. She captured that story in a book she wrote in February 2011, Front Toward Enemy: A Slain Soldier’s Widow Details Her Husband’s Murder and How Military Courts Allowed the Killer to Escape Justice.  Read The Full Article Here

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